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"What a treat it is to have a reading with Blue! She greets you with a hug then starts right away by reading to tell you about you! I was amazed... and then when it came to my questions, she was dead on accurate! There aren't enough 'thank you's' and exclamation points I can use to say how wonderful Blue is!!!"

--Lana of Laguna Beach


"Wow! A reading with Blue is priceless... a warm smile and hug and then proceeds to guide you through an enlightening reading.  Blue will give you the insight and guidance you need.  Her reading is always given with love which makes it a  wonderful experience.  She is a treasure!!!  

--Claudia of San Fernando Valley


"My party was a hit thanks to Blue! The line for her readings went around the house.  Thanks Blue! Without you, my party would have been  a dud!"

--Shelly of Los Angeles


"Blue... Thank you for the very insightful, and detailed reading this afternoon.   It made me feel good that you were able to communicate with family members that have passed away, and I was finally able to have some of my questions answered. You are absolutely the real deal, and I would strongly urge anyone seeking help or having questions that need answering to have a session with you. I left the reading feeling so confident and excited that I no longer need to take Viagra!

--MF, Los Angeles 


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